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Texta.ai Review Bonus Price Pros Cons - create content blog articles quickly easily regularly with AI

Texta: Automated AI content creator - copywriting software

With Texta AI content creator, you don’t have to be an expert writer to generate content – quickly, easily and regularly.

Think about how much time you spend creating content and when you’re trying to create the content for your blog, social media, landing pages emails videos, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed!

Texta.ai - AI automated content creation - don't have to be a copywriter

We all know that content creation is an important aspect of any marketing activities for any business or blogger as they strive for high ranking on web search engines.

That’s why many bloggers and businesses are using AI automated content creator softwares to help them with this task.

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What Is Texta

It’s a content software powered by AI that can help you create great, unique content (and also helps to improve your writing skills).  You can think of it as a productivity tool, but don’t be fooled by the name: the emphasis is on producing good and useful reading material.

Texta automates the process of creating website content such as blog articles, from topic generation to research, writing, formatting and so much more. It’s like having a writing team at your disposal. Texta is a simple way to create high-quality blog articles that will increase traffic and sales.

How Does Texta Work - Easy To Use

Texta can help you save up to 90% of  your time in copywriting and it comes with variety of useful tools.  It is simple to use, with no technical skills required. 

Only 2 clicks away from your next blog post

The first thing you must do is create an account. This entails registering for a free trial (which should only take a few minutes)… and you can simply start by…

Why Use Texta? What Are The Benefits?

Powerful Algorithm

Texta's powerful algorithm employs artificial intelligence to identify the exact words that best describe your product or service. It then recommends whether or not those words are appropriate for marketing, providing you with a clear picture of what your customers want (and don't want).

Quick & Easy

Texta is unlike many other AI-based software solutions that require a lot of setup and training the data before they will start making suggestions about what words customers might be looking for. Try Texta yourself with their FREE 7-day trial and you'll soon realise how simple the process can be.

Long-form Generator

It takes Texta less than a couple of minutes to create a 2000+ word article on any given topic.

Plagiarism Checker

With their inbuilt plagiarism checker, Texta makes sure that your text is unique.

Grammarly Integration

With their Grammarly partnership, Texta ensures that your text is error-free.

50+ Unlimited Use

Minimum input, Maximum output. Create quality content with the help of Texta's proven examples based on industry best practices.

Professional SEO Tools

Get ranked higher on Google with an assisted search for exact keywords.

20+ Languages

Create content for your users and clients from all over the world.

Pricing - How Much Does Texta Cost?

At the time of writing this review, Texta is offering a discounted price, starting from as little as $4 a month for the Starter package.  Next level up is their Pro Max package – $16 and Pro Max Plus package at $29 a month.  Click the button below for the full details on what each package includes.

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