Profit Singularity 2022 Ultra Edition - Free Training

It's Finally Here!
Free Blueprint Plus Training:
How to Make $91,311 in 3 Months in 4 Easy Steps...

With a Brand New Technology Doing 90% Of The Work For You!

On this special live online coaching session, you will discover...

Top 6 Reasons Why This Training Is Special & Unique

#1:  Take Advantage of Untapped, “Blue Ocean” Traffic Source

The trainers will teach you how to take advantage of an untapped “blue-ocean” traffic source, that is larger than Facebook. There aren’t any other programs that have revealed the secret tactics for achieving massive success with affiliate marketing via YouTube.

#2:  Leverage on Artificial Intelligence
The program shows students how to leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence software that drastically reduces work time, and how to eliminate  time required for success. Students will learn how to create video ads without having to appear in the video or having to use their own voice.
#3: Generating Reliable Source of Income

The creators of Profit Singularity – Mark, Gerry, Rob and Keegan, have decades of combined experience and success. They have put together their tried-and-tested system and process that have enabled them to generate consistent income – and they’ve been helping their students to do the same.  Plus, they’ve made arrangements with Maxweb (a CPA platform for affiliate marketing) – to approve Profit Singularity students to promote the products on their platform.

#4: Unlimited Scaling

Students will be taught how to set up and test their ad campaigns, and when they’ve found their winning funnel, there is no limit to how much they can scale up in just one ad account… $5k, $10k, $30k or more… the sky’s the limit.  Plus, students will get continued guidance through their on-going weekly updates.

#5: Proven, Repeatable System

In this training, students will have access to winning formulas and templates.  Right from Day-1, students will learn (step-by-step) how to create ad scripts and videos, finding offers, creating landing pages… everything to set up a profitable, money-making process.

#6: Continued Guidance
Throughout the 8-week program, students will get to join in weekly live calls.  Students will get to submit their work to be reviewed by the coaches.  Selected works will be featured so that students will learn from each other – what was done correctly, what was wrong, or what can be improved upon.

What You Will Learn & Achieve from Profit Singularity

This training is truly a result-oriented. You will learn and build your knowledge and skills, from A to Z – to be a successful and efficient affiliate marketer:
  1. How to find product offers
  2. Profit Singularity students get priority approval for MaxWeb CPA platform
  3. Getting a domain name, creating a website, product landing pages – fast! (by using their templates)
  4. Leveraging on A.I. and softwares:
    • Free access to software to create winning ad script (templates)
    • Free access to A.I. voice over software 
    • (New!) Free access to video creation software with thousands of images and clips – to create video ads
  5. Setting up Google ads account – helping students with issues
  6. Setting up Ads campaigns
  7. Setting up proper tracking
  8. Testing ad campaigns and scaling winning ads
  9. Weekly group calls, each week they’ll do a few reviews of students’ work – such as video ads, campaigns, etc… so that everyone can learn to avoid mistakes and make necessary improvements.
  10. A truly a proven, tried-and-tested system that the team has created where all the (newbies) ‘beta testers’ have achieved successful results.

Something Extra for the new Profit Singularity Ultra Edition 2022

On top of very in-depth, step-by-step training, students of Profit Singularity will also get full access to a few proprietary softwares such as…

  • Mark Ling’s video script generator (following a blueprint to generate high-converting ad copy)
  • An AI software to generate different voices (for video voice over – from the ad copy script)
  • (New!) An AI software to generate the video ads (using stock images and video clips, and integrating the voice over files that were created using the voice over software).

With a Brand New Technology Doing 90% Of The Work For You!

On this special live online coaching session, you will discover...