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Is Profit Singularity Program Legit?

What's So Special About This Program?

This program was co-created and launched by entrepreneurs and expert marketers – Keegan Mueller, Chris Reader,Mark Ling, Gerry Cramer, and Rob Jones (the training team/coaches).  They’ve collaborated and put their minds, experience and skills together to develop a highly successful strategy that uses A.I. to create a very simple path to success, even for beginners.  And frankly, there is no other program in the market that is quite like this or comes close to this one.

I’m an experienced digital marketer, and I know how difficult it is to set up a good advertising campaign – let alone creating ad campaigns that can be profitable.  In this program, the creators are leveraging the lucrative, untapped traffic source (YouTube) that has been generating tens of thousands of dollars in profit for their students every day.

With a proper system, methods and templates in place – the coaches have put together a training program that will teach and help students to create high-converting video ads to promote affiliate offers; and how to set up and scale up winning ad campaigns to multiply profits to the max.

And on top of that, they’ve created a process that reduces manual workload by leveraging A.I. and softwares to do most of the heavy lifting.

Watch & Learn: Super Affiliate From Brazil Averages $3k To $4k Per Day

What You Will Learn & Achieve from Profit Singularity

This training is truly a result-oriented. You will learn and build your knowledge and skills, from A to Z – to be a successful and efficient affiliate marketer:
  1. How to find product offers
  2. Profit Singularity students get priority approval for MaxWeb CPA platform
  3. Getting a domain name, creating a website, product landing pages – fast! (by using their templates)
  4. Leveraging on A.I. and softwares:
    • Free access to software to create winning ad script (templates)
    • Free access to A.I. voice over software 
    • (New!) Free access to video creation software with thousands of images and clips – to create video ads
  5. Setting up Google ads account – helping students with issues
  6. Setting up Ads campaigns
  7. Setting up proper tracking
  8. Testing ad campaigns and scaling winning ads
  9. Weekly group calls, each week they’ll do a few reviews of students’ work – such as video ads, campaigns, etc… so that everyone can learn to avoid mistakes and make necessary improvements.
  10. A truly a proven, tried-and-tested system that the team has created where all the (newbies) ‘beta testers’ have achieved successful results.

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Exclusive Bonus - Ad Campaign Optimizer

This is an Exclusive Bonus that you can never get anywhere else. A Special 'Day-by-Day' Ads Checking System that I've created, based on the metrics taught in Profit Singularity.

This will help you in your ads review process - faster and easier - to know when to 'kill' bad performing ads and when to 'scale' up winning ads to multiply profits.

All you need to do is just input the stats from your ad campaigns. And this will help ‘automate’ your ads analysis and checking process.

For example, on Day-1, what are the things you need to check, and what are the things you need to do. Then on Day-3: what are all the different metrics you need to follow (Eg: If A happens, then do B…. and if C happens, then do D, and so forth).

This spreadsheet has helped me go through this checking process quickly and efficiently - and I am sure you’ll benefit from it, too!


4x Weekly Small Group Training
on Email Marketing Set-up Optimisation


Email List Building Expert
Quick Start Guide & Useful Tips


5 Steps To Creating Amazing Content For Your Audience


Small Group Training - How To Optimize Landing Pages & To Build Email List

How to optimise landing pages and build email marketing list for consistent passive income

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