Free Facebook Traffic Hack To Drive Free Traffic To Your Blog Store Affiliate Links By Optimising Your Facebook Profile

How To Get Free Facebook Traffic Tips *

Free Traffic Hack: Facebook #1 & 2

Drive Traffic To Your Blog, Online Store or Affiliate Links By:

1. Optimising Facebook Profile
2. Joining & Creating Facebook Groups

How To Drive Traffic

If you own a website, online store or are an affiliate marketer, then you know that ‘no traffic = no business”.  With the online space being so competitive right now, generating traffic to our online properties feels like a never-ending task.. but we gotta do what we gotta do.

Basically, we have two traffic options – paid or free.  Unless you have extra moolah or budget to spend on creating and testing your ad campaigns, then you’ll have to start working on generating free traffic streams.

When trying to get free traffic from Facebook, we need to remember one important thing:  Facebook wants to have a captive audience, to keep its users on its platform and does not like sending people away from it. 

You may have wondered why some of your posts (especially those with embedded links) don’t get much engagement or interaction?  That’s because Facebook’s algorithm is clever enough to refrain frequent posts with outgoing links from being shown to everyone.  I’ll share with you my tip or hack on how to overcome that issue in my upcoming guide.  I will also be creating a separate guide on Facebook advertising but for now, let’s get started with harnessing free traffic from Facebook instead.  

With over 25 b-i-l-l-i-o-n visits every month, it would be foolish for us not to try and drive at least some of that traffic back to our blogs, ecom stores or affiliate product links.

Free Facebook Traffic Hack To Drive Free Traffic To Your Blog Store Affiliate Links By Joining and Creating Facebook Groups

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