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  • Generating income from the various online business models
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In life, everyone wants to be happy and free...

So, what do YOU really want? What are YOUR priorities?
If you can relate to all the above, then it's time to make a change...

I am a strong believer of lifelong learning and to continue improving ourselves
so that we can achieve success and happiness in our life.

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We will be covering the following topics:

  • Decide on your business niche and business model (more info on free training)
  • Decide on your website name (and prepare a few variations of it)
  • Sign up for a popular, FREE creative software at
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What Others Say... testimonial - Jammy Ho Singapore

Jammy, Malaysia

Kit believes in learning and sharing – and this is very helpful, especially for beginners who want to explore internet marketing. testimonial - Bernie Japan 2

Bernie, Japan

I saw one of Kit’s post on FB and found that she offers free content, guides and tutorials to help those interested in online marketing. Glad I checked it out – this is great for those who want to learn about online business. testimonial - Yati Singapore

Yati, Singapore

I just started dabbling in trying to make money online – but don’t really want to spend on training or courses. I was recommended to check out where I slowly build my knowledge for free.

Hi, I'm Kit Sani

Everyone has his own special story and life journey.  Mine started with difficult childhood years where I had to live from home to home.  Growing up was very challenging and I had to start my lessons from the university of hard-knocks from a very young age…. and still, I’m learning.

But… life is not about HOW you start, rather – WHAT you do with it and WHERE you want to end up.  I’m already in my fifties and I’m still making changes in my life; to continue learning and improving myself.  I believe that when it comes to making good, positive changes – it’s never too late.

So, come and join me on this journey of finding true success (and happiness) in life – both financially and emotionally.  If you are keen on starting your own online business and are willing to learn, I will be happy to help where I can and share my experiences with you.

Kit Sani - Digital Marketer and Internet Business Entrepreneur
Kitsani and children - Work Smart Making Money and Being Happy