ClickFunnels Vs Review Cheaper Alternative Money Saving

ClickFunnels & Review Alternative Save Cost

Why ClickFunnels Is More Expensive

Short excerpt from transcription form my review video below:

ClickFunnels is an established funnel builder software – reliable with good tech and customer service.  They reward their affiliate marketers handsomely, many of them have made millions by marketing this product.  To be a ClickFunnel affiliate, one also needs to be a user of the software.

For a beginner or for those who are just starting their business, the cost of using this platform may be a little hefty.

In this video, I shared my thoughts as to why ClickFunnels costs more than its competitors; as well as my reason to make the switch from ClickFunnels to

Like any other good SaaS (software as a service) business, there will be manpower costs of maintaining a good tech support team.

Also, ClickFunnels users get access to various training that it offers.

Lastly, as mentioned earlier, ClickFunnels offers good commissions to its affiliate marketers.

ClickFunnels offers a 14 days free trial, after which you’d have to select one of their paid plans, starting from $97 a month, $297 a month of the 2 comma club at over $2497 a month.

Migrating Created Funnels from ClickFunnels into

So I came across another similar funnel builder software… I call it the new kid on the block.  I tried and tested it and I thought that it’s amazing, because they offer a totally free plan.  

But the problem is, I’ve already got quite a number of funnels created in ClickFunnels – and  thought to myself… “oh my gosh!  It’s going to take me another round time and effort to create those funnels into”

Then I discovered that support team are very helpful and they actually helped me to do the funnel migration from ClickFunnels into

You Get More With For A Lower Price

When you look at the $27 plan, you are getting almost the same benefits or features as ClickFunnel’s $297 plan.  Plus you also get access to’s  integrated autoresponder to collect up to 5000 contacts!

I’ve shared more in my review video (above).  Why not sign up for your Free Plan – and have a look for yourself.

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