About Kit Sani

My Story

Everyone has his own special story and life journey.  Mine started with difficult childhood years because my parents were divorced when I was 2, and I had to live with different families till late teens. Growing up, I didn’t have the privilege of guidance or love, and only have myself to count on. 

Thankfully, I’m blessed with a level head (otherwise, I can’t imagine where I’d end up!).  Now, after decades of hard-knocks training (now I’m in my fifties, yikes!), I can say that my life journey hasn’t been that great, but not that bad either.

I’m a mother of two wonderful children – now, it’s their turn to carve out their own life journeys.  And as a mother, I have worked hard to give them everything that I never had.  We are so moulded to the fact that we have to work hard for a living, and usually we have to make lots of sacrifices – trading quality time with our loved ones for a little bit of money.  I know… I’ve been there. 

But there’ll come a point when we realise that we have to either Get what we like or be forced to Like what we get.  There must be a better way of living, to enjoy our life and not burn it all away working day and night, just to survive in this modern world.

So, this is the stage of my life journey where I want to be truly happy – to enjoy life to the fullest, be financially free to enjoy my retirement and having all the time I want to be with my loved ones.   

Now, I always remind myself that Money is not Everything… but Everything is better when we have it.  And that Success is not just about having a great career or making lots of money.  The real Success is when we are able to find Happiness and Joy in every aspects of our life. 

If this is what you want in life, then come and join me on this journey, and let me show you the way…